The real estate industry in Pakistan has recently gone into overdrive; evolving at a rapid pace witnessing an unprecedented surge. Thousands of major projects are planned and in progress across the country, this will inevitably create an ever-increasing competition. Consequently, developers will have to work smarter to attract buyers and investors.
Prospective purchasers need to be catered to before they feel confident enough to commit to buying. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, a responsible developer must ensure that his scheme reflects professionalism, so that it stands out among the competition and appeals to the right target audience.
This is where Blue Arc’s power lies.

Blue Arc’s Sales and Marketing Approach

Blue Arc is a specialized real estate marketing and sales consultancy. Backed by a decade in real estate development, Blue Arc marketing and sales experience will help our customers in long and short term. We have specifically established to work with developers and provide them with the right tools to engage more effectively with clients, while adding tangible value to projects in order to deliver sales and profitability.

Blue Arc offers property management and end-to-end real estate services covering of bulk lands, residential and commercial plots, industrial areas, housing and residential services with respect to purchase, sale, lease and appraisal for all Pakistanis inside and outside Pakistan and to all foreigners. We make sure that all the undertakings take place through legitimate process with compliance to laws, rules and regulations for safe and fair dealings. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial real estate services that are carried out professionally with high standards. We combine our expertise and advice to meet the needs of our clients throughout Pakistan.

Blue Arc maintains ongoing partnerships with prominent real estate developers. Our marketing services are not only available to such businesses, but also to individuals:

  • Creating creative marketing programs based on the real estate asset's unique characteristics.
  • Determining a reasonable price and terms based on current market conditions.
  • Encouraging broker participation to ensure maximum market exposure.
  • Screening and meeting with qualified investors in order to present the asset professionally.
Marketing Services

Marketing is the powerhouse that converts bricks and mortar into cash. Delivering anything less than the best collateral to prospective buyers is a waste of time. A developer can spend thousands responding to each sales enquiry, only to risk losing prospective buyers if they are not completely convinced by the first impression the developed project leaves. Do not worry; we are here to assist you in creating a professional and appealing presentation that clearly reflects the merits of your project. We can also assist you in developing proficiently prepared communication programs that actively support the sales process. Your development will be meticulously designed to come to life on page, screen and billboard, so that prospective buyers can truly sense the benefits of investing there and be motivated to enquire further.

Packaging the offer

Individual purchases are motivated by a variety of factors, which is why we assist you in presenting prospective buyers with a package that ticks all the boxes about ownership in a clear manner. Each buyer will quickly and easily identify the features and benefits that are most appealing to them. We identify the various information to highlight and create professionally written content to clearly articulate these, allowing us to then prioritise the main Unique Selling Points to be used for promotional messages.

Marketing Strategy: Planning, Development and Execution

Buyers are becoming quite sophisticated and with instant access to information, they are becoming more discerning and selective about where they invest. A well-researched marketing strategy can create the difference between commercial success and failure. Each program is customised to meet specific goals and speak to the client's project ambitions and objectives. We investigate the scope, opportunities, competition, and challenges confronting the business in order to develop realistic and practical strategies for raising awareness, generating leads and driving sales. A detailed report covering elements such as brand positioning, promotion, budgets, targeting and timeframes will help you understand where you stand.
With our assistance, your development will stand out among competitors and attract the attention of buyers.

Advertising: Promotion and Lead Generation

It is critical that your real estate project is presented in a professional manner to national and international buyers as this will be the first impression of your brand and your project for the vast majority of your audience. Your advertisements should be well-thought-out in order to hit the target and compel readers to respond. Otherwise, there's no point in squandering your money on advertising. It is therefore critical to achieve visual standout off the page and screen in a way that reflects your brand's personality with an impactful headline, strong image(s), and well-written copy to entice and inform prospects, motivating them to inquire. This is where our media team steps in. They will apply their expertise to create self-improving programs designed to maximise return on investment.

We use the most effective digital and print media to reach defined target audience, promote client's projects, raise awareness, generate leads, and support sales conversions. Detailed advertising plans and budgets are created using a combination of proven media channels to ensure that your project is presented at its best. We also perform regular analysis and reporting to give you the full picture on performance.

Branding and Corporate Identity Branding

Creating a resilient and identifiable brand identity is a subtle but powerful marketing strategy that many developers and business people underestimate. This is a reliable and highly effective way to be unique and prominent in a highly competitive market. In addition to ensuring that your brand occupies a prestigious position, your development also needs to look professional to stimulate confidence among buyers. Visual identity needs to be raised to international standards that reflect the essence of development and underpin the design of all promotional materials. Our professional branding and design team can research and develop tailored brands, logos, and visual identities that ensure differentiation from competitors.

Marketing Collateral

The key to successful marketing is to resonate with the target audience; if the brochure or website does not sell for you, then it has not really achieved its purpose. Our professional graphic designers can produce attention-grabbing brochures, sales presentations, promotional flyers, digital content and other forms of promotional materials, all of which are specially designed to clearly reflect your unique corporate image. Similarly, our professional copywriters will produce carefully crafted content to highlight key information and your developmental USPs in an attractive way.


Communication has always been the be-all and end-all. If your target group is properly informed, they will show interest in your company and know exactly what to expect from it. Our team of communicators will help you speak the language of your target audience and employ strategies to increase awareness of your project and encourage inquiries.

Online and Social Media Strategies

Between 2020 and 2021, Pakistan's social media use has grown at an exponential annual rate of +24 percent. Mobile connections account for 77.7 percent of the total population, while active social media users account for 20.6 percent of the population. To translate these numbers into actionable input: when executed correctly, well-planned online and social media strategies can generate massive awareness and a large number of leads for sales conversions at a very low cost. Social media provides your company with numerous opportunities to focus your key messages and specifically target your audience. Blue Arc will research your goals and develop a cost-effective online strategy using tried-and-true methodologies in different channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.).

Web Design and Development

Slow, unresponsive, or poorly designed websites are killer for any business. As real estate developers, we work with expert website developers and designers to deliver top-notch websites that add value to your business. Our website designers can help you create great interfaces and make it easy for customers and prospects to navigate your site and enjoy a great user experience.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The right content, along with relevant keywords will make your website rank highly in search engine results. We are experts in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Depending on your budget, we can also create top-tier campaigns to increase conversions. Each campaign is designed around agreed goals and budget.

Marketing Audits

As a real estate developer, you may experience a slowdown in sales on some projects; it is frustrating and expensive, especially if you think you are already implementing a sound strategy. There is nothing worse than finding a goldmine of potential new clients and then developing and implementing a client plan, only to find that it has not produced the expected results. A marketing audit is a health check in the business world. Our highly qualified team will review every stage of your marketing and communication strategy, offering recommendations for improvement; report any issues and come up with fresh ideas that will make your campaign lively and purposeful.
With the right marketing strategy, you can maximize your sales conversions in a short period and therefore, positively affect your profitability and income.

Project Launch

Launching phase sets the tone of the project in the eyes of the public. This is an important phase of the development lifecycle and must be done at the highest standards. If you make a mistake, the consequences can be disastrous. Most of the leads that result from project launch are very high quality and early adopters and a good number of them will become project ambassadors. Therefore, we spend significant amount of time and energy planning the right launch to avoid costly mistakes, leverage international expertise, and work with our public relations agencies to make the launch successful.

Events, Exhibitions and Conferences

We have the appropriate expertise to assist with planning and organizing customer events. Participate in exhibitions and conferences to promote your brand and expand your business reputation. Look for opportunities to display your business as a leader in your industry. Our professional team can also train selected members of your company to become expert representatives and train them how to deal with media.

Budgetary Planning

The standard industry rule of thumb for marketing budgets of real estate development that target domestic buyers is between 1.5% and 2% of the total gross development value in each phase. Overseas buyers are usually 2.5%. However, we know that budgets are often under pressure as we enjoy the experience of working on projects around the world.
In other words, you need to carefully divide your budget, focusing on strategies and media that have proven to yield cost-effective results. This requires very careful campaign planning to reach the target market and ensure maximum return on investment and impact.

Sales Plan and Execution

At Blue Arc, we believe sales are achievable. With the right strategy, you can be confident that your sales will be exponential through a well-thought-out sales plan. To achieve the desired result, a good plan needs to predict accurately the level of the property to be sold or leased. A good sales plan needs to be backed by numbers. It also needs to be rewarding, achievable, time-specific, and measurable. Our team of experts will devise a sales plan for your company or project to achieve your goals. A sales plan is nothing more than a list of good intentions until it is effectively implemented. The execution plan is the return on investment of the sales plan itself. This is why we give equal importance to the execution phase to ensure success. We make sure your marketing investment is utilized to the fullest.

Sales Hiring and Training

Our broad expertise includes helping real estate developers hire the right team to sell their projects. Before we hire someone to sell for you, we make sure that s/he meets the marketing-specific requirements of the real estate industry. We also pay attention to marketing characteristics, because these are also a prerequisite for successful personnel. We also work to develop bespoke sales training to suit the needs of your sales reps, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Sales and Customers Retention

The best agents and marketers of real estate developers are their clients. Word of mouth is also a good sales strategy. Once your customers are satisfied, they will definitely recommend their friends and relatives to your company. At the same time, a good real estate consultant is a person who makes money, not only for the employer, but also for himself. After purchasing a real estate, excellent real estate developers who aim to retain customers can also provide other real estate services. We are committed to formulating commission plans that satisfy developers, sales consultants and buyers.

Pricing Strategy

Calculating the price of a real estate project is both a difficult and critical task. A simple price mistake can lead to irretrievable consequences. We are here to save you the hassle and help you set the right pricing scheme. We are experts in pricing large-scale developments from 100 to 5000 units. When determining a pricing strategy, we consider all aspects of the project, from the pre-development phase through development to the post-development phase, ensuring that the prices really reflect the value of the project.

Customer Relationship Management

Efficient CRM is needed to manage large projects. A good CRM should be easy to use, detailed, and contain all the information. This allows sales, managers, and project owners to consult CRM on a regular basis. Our role is to help you identify and develop the best CRM for your project befitting your budget.

Tenant Mix Plan

Are you trying to lease out space in projects? Blue Arc's expertise includes designing a successful tenant mix that takes into account a variety of factors, including the proportion of space or the number of units occupied by different retail or service types, and the relative location of the tenants in the center. Good tenant mix means the cooperation of various stores to improve the performance of the center through successful operation as an independent enterprise. Our responsibility is to determine the right tenant mix for your business and develop a plan.


We also specialize in the sale of multi-million projects. Whether you are looking for investors to help you sell or want to outsource your sales department for a certain period, we got you.

Lead Generation

Leads are not generated from campaigns but many techniques you use as a developer generate leads. Once you have a potential customer, you need to nurture to him or her. It takes an average of 3 to 6 months for a potential customer to become a buyer. This is where we come in handy; our team not only converts leads into the ultimate buyer, but also for B2B purposes.

General Consultancy
Feasibility Studies

Are you wondering if the project idea you have is feasible? A feasibility study should be conducted before embarking on a project. As an investor, you want to make sure your project is feasible. This is done by doing a preliminary survey and research on the project of interest. Our experts ensure that feasibility studies include important information such as data, expenses, government regulations, market opportunities, risk factors, strengths and weaknesses, management, and company funders.

Commercial Management

Our team is committed to maximizing your return on investment while maintaining an impeccable service experience. We will take care of the commercial part of your project through the administration of the lease, administration of service contracts, brokers’ liaison and management.

Business Venture

From the moment a new opportunity arrives, we work with developers to provide all the tools that guarantee to transform a great concept into a sellable project. Our team's extensive experience covers all aspects of real estate.

Master Plan Consultancy

As real estate consultants, we work closely with our client's master plan developers to ensure that marketing and sales goals are met at every stage of the project journey.

International Companies Representations

We work with international real estate companies seeking good representation in the Pakistani market. Our services in this area include attending conferences, briefings, presentations and business development.

Property and Facility Management

Blue Arc Real Estate Consultants clearly understand the importance of managing and maintaining properties and facilities. This is why we offer you a wide range of professionals and services in the areas of real estate and facility management. We also provide management, operation and preemptive maintenance for residential and commercial compounds, industrial facilities and more. In this context, Blue Arc brings the experience of the technical team to you, guaranteeing that the buildings and equipment are in perfect condition and the paperwork is done well in addition to the various services.

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