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Blue Arc is a pioneering construction and design company based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Blue Arc provides its customers in the Twin Cities with beautiful designer houses that combine comfort, style, and functionality like never before Our services include top-notch architectural services and planning, Interior design, commercial design as well as state of the art construction & craftsmanship. We mobilize our ideas and resources into creating masterpieces.We make houses You make it a home


Blue Arc is a leading construction and design company established in 2011.Blue Arc is an Islamabad-based design & construction company delivering residential and commercial projects across the region. Having delivered over 400+ homes & 50+ Commercial projects designs, Blue Arc is a homegrown brand, known for its luxury developments & design. Blue Arc was the brainchild of Chaudhary Maqsood Ahmad whose creative output was then formulated by CEO Yasar Maqsood. Despite having a successful career in Engineering, the CEO set out to achieve his vision of creating designer homes and commercials. The company is focused on creating customers' experiences and artistic designs,not profit maximization. Blue Arc is the only construction company that has its own design wing.
Blue Arc diversifies residential projects with elements such as greenery, sunlight, and wide spaces. These are prominent features that you will easily find in all of the houses constructed and designed by Blue Arc.
In the case of commercial projects,the features that you are most likely to observe in Blue Arc designs are wide spaces, front elevation, and facades as well as cost-effective construction. The practicality of these commercial designs is what stands out the most because the 3D elevations are perfect for onsite execution. The innovation in Blue Arc designs does not affect the FAR (Floor Area Ratio) of the buildings. Customers benefit largely from the revenue maximization per square feet.


Our Vision is to create masterpieces in the form of designer houses and commercials. We provide customers with the true value of their money in the form of unparalleled functionality and quality.
Our Mission is design and construction ventures in Pakistan by establishing ourselves as a one-stop solution to all construction-and design related services. To establish our selling and development wings which would cover more ground and accommodate the needs of our customers better than ever before.



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